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Surrender to Sleep
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Surrender to Sleep

Welcome to Surrender to Sleep

Somehow I just knew you'd find your way here and now that you have...feel the sense of calm that slowly seeps into your pores...you will find that the anticipation that accompanies your growing tranquility is utterly intoxicating...do not concern yourself with anything but being here with Me now...any thoughts or concerns you may have had simply don't seem as important as I command your attention...and it's also not really important how quickly you start to notice the full weight of your body as if a deep and dense fluid were coursing thru your body and mind...filling all the empty spaces as you travel through the corridors of dreaminess...you want to let Me guide you on this journey...your dreams are about to come to fruition...show yourself to Me now...

FREE mp3 - Psychological Seduction

10/21/14 UPDATE!!!!
I am still in search of an appropriate online processor to enable instant online orders...I'm open to suggestions that would help Me to help you, pets...

However, you CAN still obtain My scintillating recordings...I now have a page at the Sensualmistress website...so you may follow this link below OR  use the "Contact Me" link in the menu to begin placing your order...I'll respond quickly to give you instructions on payment options from there...

Also, with the exception of a few recordings, I have fully restored My ENTIRE catalog of recordings...those restored have slightly lesser sound quality than the rest of My catalog and have accordingly been permanently discounted to reflect this...

Also, I would like to make one thing crystal clear...ALL products at My website are for fantasy  and recreation ONLY!  I will actively discourage patterns of addiction /obsession...understand this before you listen to any of My recordings...Through this website, I will promote only healthy submission exploration ...those who seek addiction/obsession are advised to look elsewhere...moving forward I will only make recordings  that  promote healthy patterns of submission that will be filled with love, light and kink...thank you!

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